eBook Price: $9
(Original eBook plus extra ideas by Pablo Amira)

Possibly the most direct PIN divination effect ever! 
It's an absolute STEAL!
Michael Murray  

This effect allows you to seemingly guess anyones bank PIN with zero questions asked.
Nothing written down
No confederates
No stooges 
No dual reality.  
 Easy to do 
No pre-show 
 100% impromptu 
No maths or memory work 

Uses a method so devious that it will leave your head spinning.  
Imagine being able to access the bank account of a complete stranger.  
After having your spectator merely THINK of each of the digits of their bank PIN you ask them to insert their card into an ATM machine.  
Unbelievably you are now seen to enter four digits into the key pad and instantly appear to have full access to their account! 
It really doesn't get more direct than this. 

 For clarity, no cash will ever be taken from the participants account.  

This is pretty clever and definitely worth the price. Not something you could put in the stage show but you can blow someone's mind with it. 
Mark Chandaue 

This is a very clever idea that I will use. Well worth the asking price, nothing could be easier.
Devin Knight

Stupid clever. I will definitely try this out because I can't believe it actually works as it says.   But I agree with what everyone has said. It REALLY is as clean as "Think of your PIN number" and you know it. 
 Well worth the money
Madison H
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